100+ Names for Monkeys | Good & Cute Pet Monkey Names

It’s very rare that people have monkeys as pets. But for those who have monkey pets, here I share a list of 340+ names for monkeys.

We have picked some of the best names for monkeys that are good, cute and suites for any pet monkeys. You can choose any name from them for your monkey and use it.

Can you really have monkey as a pet

Yes, but it depends on the state/county you live in. Most countries don’t allow monkeys to be kept like other pets. You have to get permission/license from the government or related authorities. If allowed, you have to find a special place and arrange facilities for its care.

In countries like Australia, exotic animals such as monkeys, tigers etc. can only be maintained by licensed individuals and are typically only kept for display or conservation purposes. They cannot be sold for profit or kept as pets by private individuals.

Check out this article to know more on problems with keeping a pet monkey.

Who own monkeys as pets

As I already said, having monkeys as pets is very rare and strange. But, there are a few things common between these pet owners. The majority of monkey pet owners are scientists, researchers, photographers or those connected with forest and wildlife. There are people who are very crazy about this pet and, very rarely, some accommodate monkeys as an entertainment to their kids and guests.

Cute Monkey Names

Now let us check out some cute names for your pet monkey.

  1. Bubbly
  2. Bali
  3. Nicki
  4. Lami
  5. Lollypop
  6. Merry
  7. Olive
  8. Kari
  9. Boo
  10. Bunny
  11. Princess
  12. Velvet
  13. Misty
  14. Whisper
  15. Padmini
  16. Miley
  17. Amigo
  18. Ella
  19. Naughty
  20. Zippy
  21. Isuzu
  22. Mizzie
  23. Nimmie
  24. Harry
  25. Gloomy
  26. Chimp
  27. Miami
  28. Chumchum
  29. Lol
  30. Yahoo
Cute Monkey Names
Cute Monkey Names

Good Monkey Names

Here are some of the good and popular monkey names.

  1. Pablo – Pablo is an adorable name that will suit any male monkey’s personality
  2. Ludo – This name sounds good, and it will suit your little guy well.
  3. Leo – If you want to give your monkey a cool and masculine vibe, this is the best choice to name.
  4. Juliet
  5. Avira
  6. Chuckie
  7. Bing
  8. Monty
  9. Connor
  10. Picasso
  11. Gloster
  12. Max
  13. Roger
  14. Morton
  15. Jumper
  16. Luke
  17. May
  18. Yolik
  19. Yoyo
  20. Longtail
  21. Briana
  22. Mango
  23. Boomer
  24. Jelly
  25. Norton
  26. Cheetos
  27. Climber
  28. Sparkle
  29. Kurangan
  30. Snapa
  31. Charlie
  32. Kaziranga
  33. Bingo
  34. Clyde
  35. Arnold
  36. Boeing
  37. Caesar
  38. Jack
  39. Avast
  40. Morgan
  41. Melody
  42. Kaspersky
Good Monkey Names
Good Monkey Names

Female Names for Pet Monkey

Female and girly names for your pet monkey.

  1. Kiki – best name for a female monkey.
  2. Sicily
  3. Flora
  4. Ariana
  5. Kiara
  6. Madonna
  7. Amelia
  8. Sheila
  9. Ruby
  10. Leone
  11. Zara
  12. Monica
  13. Emily
  14. Michela
  15. Sophia
  16. Molly
  17. Ruby
  18. Roselyn
  19. Margo
  20. Anjana
  21. Alannah
  22. Nina
  23. Isabella
  24. Alysha
  25. April
  26. Scottie
  27. Karolina
  28. Christa
  29. Liva
  30. Brionna
  31. Jonette

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I hope you got some awesome name ideas for your pet monkey. If you have any other good names to be added to the list, feel free to comment below.

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