Japanese Names with Dark Meanings | Dark, Darkness, Black Japanese Names

In this post I will show you some of the Japanese names that mean dark. This also includes words that have similar meanings like darkness, black, shadow, night etc.

Words that mean darkness are not commonly used to name a child. But, these are used in some cases to name different objects and findings.

Why people use names that mean Darkness

There are a lot of cases where we use names that mean something similar to darkness. Some of them are:

  1. To name a new finding or discovery.
  2. To name objects.
  3. Naming an event.
  4. Just for knowledge.
  5. To explain something.

Do people name their child with names that mean darkness?

When we name a new born baby, we usually choose a name that has a positive meaning. Words that mean darkness are generally not used to name humans, no matter what their gender is. It’s because these words have a negative meaning and also they may create a negative impact on that person. Children in Japan are also not usually given names that include a word which means ‘dark’.

Four Letter Japanese Names

Japanese Names with Dark Meanings

Here is a list of Japanese names with dark meanings or that have meanings similar to darkness.

KurodaBlack Rice Paddy
KuroganeBlack Metal
AhmyaBlack Rain
SunakoThe Dark Side
AnzhongIn the Dark
YamiyoDark Night
AmeyaMidnight Rain
Japanese Names meaning Darkness


What Japanese name means dark?

There are a few Japanese names that mean dark, darkness etc. Some of them are Yami, Kuroishi, Kuro, Kurayami, Kuragari, Kuroppoi, Yamiyo etc.

What is a Japanese name that means nightmare?

‘Akumu’ is the name used in Japanese meaning nightmare.

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